16 June 2010

what's the shorthand for teeter-totter... the totter or the teeter?

Do you remember being a little kid at the teeter-totters? They were one of the coolest things on the playground, waaay above the monkey bars, which always hurt my hands something fierce. Unfortunately, they are one of those things that does not age well. When you're young, you're always on the lighter side of the teeter, so someone sits down and -- BAM -- you spring up and your butt does a little hop when you get to the top. Remember? It was awesome. But as you get older, turns out you get bigger, and now, by default, you are not the lightest one. Now you're bumping someone else up. I'm a bit sad because it was always more fun to be bumped than to bump on the ol' teeter-totter. I'm selfish like that.

So where was I...? Right, I meant to have teeter-totters lead me into Balance. You can ignore that little tangent up there. I'm blogging early this morning, and I'm only a couple sips into my coffee, sitting with my hair still dripping wet at my kitchen table. Any-hoo. Balance is something that is making me pause this morning. It's not that I feel unbalanced, or that life it out of control, but it stuck me this morning -- and this was the first time I could put it into words -- that balance is constantly changing. You never are in balance. You are in the process of balancing. Always. Who knew, right?

 My balance has shifted a bit, and - don't fret kiddos - it will shift back. I've had to spend more time at work, for a couple reasons (one being the fiscal year end, which always brings with it a certain kind of crazy, and the other being a recent move from working-from-home to working-from-an-office, which has added a commute to my daily routine). It's not a bad thing, and I'm not complaining. It just is. I've also been more focused on my family, especially given my grandmother's frail health. At the end of the day, it's made blogging more difficult. Some of you other writers have maybe noticed that I haven't posted any comments since before I went to Missouri. I'm so disappointed about that, and I promise I will be back one of these days. Anyone who reads (which I can assume is all of you) has noticed that I'm down to posting 2 times a week. It just works better for me, honestly. I write better posts and I love to put time into what I write and make them witty and enjoyable and bits of my life. And... well... to write about my life I have to have time to go live it. Who knew, right?

So I'm here. Balancing priorities: my friends, family, Amos, writing, blogging, working, and being 25 and all the fun things that go with it. Because it can't all be about work. I mean, I was going to blog last night, but then I was invited to play kickball. Um... easy choice (not sorry). Then I was going to come home and write when I was invited to go have some PBR with a player who is leaving for Afghanistan tomorrow. Um... suuuuuper easy choice (and patriotic duty.)

I'll be back. The posts will continue, sometimes a lot and sometimes a little. Right now, just as in every other day, my life is trying to find balance, and I just want you all to know that I'm thinking of you.

See you next week.



  1. LIVE YOUR LIFE! We love your blog and your posts, but they're only good when you have something good to write about. No pressure from us! Go have fun and practice balancing so it gets easier :)

  2. Better to write a good post when you feel like it than to have to go back and delete all those early posts that you wrote for the sake of just posting (I've made that mistake). Love how you tie the whole teeter totter in. Definitely better to be the one lifted up.

  3. its all a balance :) xo!

  4. Anonymous17 June, 2010

    take your time, we all understand. I'm in the process of balancing commenting myself - unfortunately, i read probably about 100 blogs more than I should on a daily basis, and unfortunately, i'm probably wasting a lot of time. and unfortunately, i'm going to have to dwindle those numbers down, as bad as i feel about it. but don't worry, yours will still be in the keepers :)


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