29 June 2010

9 hours, 33 minutes, and 55 seconds

The mountain to sound relay, a.k.a. 100 miles in one day. Amos' idea. I'm not that much of a masochist.  |  Brilz on the mountain bike, finishing the first 18. See his helmet? It's from Fred Meyer, bought when he realized he forgot his while en route to the race.  |  Me on the road bike, beginning the next 50.  |  The crew waiting at the park for me to finish my leg. There is a LOT of waiting in a 9+ hour race |  Brilz & Gil getting the kayak going. Gil's third time EVER in a kayak.  |  Photo of my sorry state after I boinked... I tried to keep up with old men bikers going 21 mph on rolling hills. I got my ass handed to me. |  Gil. Paddling.  | Reaching the end of Lake Washington and handing off to Amos, our half-marathoner.  |  Man, I only wish there was a skateboard leg of this relay!  |  Waiting for Amos.  |  Megs really, really waiting for Amos. It's hard to have to guess when people will finish.  |  Here he comes. This is right before he passed me and I chased after him taking pictures. Those didn't turn out so well. Obvs.  |  And Meg's is off. Shortly after this, she took a wrong turn, due to a poorly marked course, and does a very nice 7 mile run instead of the expected 5.3  |  Finishing up at Golden Gardens, where I am running in with her for moral support. Man, do my arms look funny when I run. It's like I'm marching. WTF?  |  9 hours, 33 minutes, and 50 seconds later, we are Done. Beer and victory hotdogs for all.


  1. Awesome! I've always wanted to do a long relay race like that. I've been thinking about doing the Ragnar Relay up in Bellingham next year, or Ski to Sea.

  2. Dude, I am exhausted just reading and looking at those photos. You all are awesome!!!! I am seriously impressed.

  3. Please don't take this the wrong way but you are crazy!!! I would have said F*ck the race and gone straight for beer and hotdogs :). Awesome job truly!!

  4. Anonymous30 June, 2010

    holy crap.

  5. very, very impressive!


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