22 April 2010

dear dishes.

Dear Dishes,

I feel we need to talk. To level, if you will. You have positively taken over my life. I feel we are spending too much time together. You're there when I first wake up in the morning, and you're staring me in the eye when I grab a glass of water before bed. You don't appreciate the amount of time I spend with you. Every day, I scrub, I rinse, and I repeat. You seem oblivious to this fact. You insist on multiplying like inantimate rabbits, and it's not okay with me.

So please stop. You're making me fantasize about one of these:

I hope you understand my concern.

Best Wishes,

PS - Rust stain under my faucet, you're next on my letter writing campaign. You need to clean up your act.


  1. Well this is cute! I so understand. We have a dishwasher now but it hasn't really changed all that much. It's difficult to cram all the dishes in there and then they don't even come out all that clean. Plus, we have a lot of stuff that isn't dishwasher friendly so...I still feel your pain!

  2. Ooo, your sink is kind of like a farmer's basin! I'm not so fond of the dual sinks, really - one large sink is way better.
    In my opinion.

  3. Oh I so hear you on this! It is beyond ridiculous. I feel like the kitchen is only ever clean for one hour at a time, until someone has a meal and then it all begins again. We tried to tough it out without a dishwasher when our ancient one died. I don't remember those few months fondly at all, hang in there!

  4. There's nothing I loathe more than washing dishes. I lived in an old apartment on Capitol Hill for 4 years (your faucet looks exactly like the one in that apartment) without a dishwasher and had dreams of rinse cycles and heated drying on a weekly basis.

    I now have a dishwasher. But the dish situation remains the same. It never ends!


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