24 May 2010

i like expensive things and it really, really sucks.

My Weekend Plans - Mini Bedroom Makeover

I wanted to add window film to our bedroom windows, which have a fantastic view of our neighbor's kitchen.

well, our windows are 4 panes of 28x26, which will come to a grand total of $100. I did not realize that the windows were so large until I had already bought the film, opened it, filled a spray bottle with soapy water, and windexed the glass. FML.

I wanted to wallpaper the top of a dresser, which I was going to paint white:


but I wanted to use this paper, which from Target costs $69 (!!). There is no cheaper wallpaper out there, and Target does not carry any wallpaper at their stores, and neither does Home Depot. I did not realize this fact until I had already visited both Target and Home Depot. FML, twice, than three times.

And I wanted to replace my bedside table lamp with a clear lamp, which the cheapest one I found was $70. I searched eBay, Craigslist, Overstock, and Target.

And Target doesn't carry the lamp in store. FML... I've lost count, but you get the picture.

So I saved my $240, didn't buy anything . returned what I had purchased, and felt sorry for myself / angry at Target for being so expensive / annoyed Craigslist had nothing good. Back to the drawing board on the bedroom makeover.

Gaw. On the other hand, I went to the Mariners and Sounders games, and while they lost, the beer I drank and the hot dog I ate were very, very delicious. So it wasn't a total loss of a weekend.


  1. Mmm-hmm, I feel you. I like expensive things too and it really does suck. Quite a lot. But really, what is up with Target lately? We were there this weekend and I'm sorry to say they are selling some pretty inferior product for some pretty outrageous prices. Target used to be my go to place for reasonably priced stylish house stuff, but I guess those days are over?

  2. I agree. Target has become more hip to shop at so the prices have gone up but not necessarily the quality. It's so hard to decorate on a budget even if you are doing just DIY projects. I love the window film idea.

  3. What about decorative contact paper? It can still be expensive if you have to buy it by the roll but I think you can buy smaller portions.

    Not sure what you're looking for but these ones on amazong are kinda cool and well prices:

  4. LOL - well thank goodness for the Ms and Ss to cheer us up. I'm feeling ya on all of this. I always try to go the inexpensive route, but it all adds up and never ends up being cheap!

  5. For lamps and things of that nature, I've found that Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Tuesday Morning have a pretty decent selection and the prices are awesome.

    Also, Ikea has had some clear lamps in the past, similar to the one in that picture.

    Man, that stuff just adds up doesn't it? Even doing the simplest little makeovers can cost a fortune!

  6. I know what you mean; the small stuff can really add up. But you still might be able to be resourceful.

    Try finding a lamp at a thrift store. It will take a bit longer to find the one you want, but it will be unique. You can also find a not-so-cute one and make your own lampshade.

    As for the wallpaper... I don't know much about the logistics of wallpaper, but could you use nice wrapping paper instead? maybe you can shellack it afterward?

    Keep trying, and tell us what you find! :.)

  7. Gahhh. I despise making a big home plan and then having money get in the way. And like everyone else, I'm gonna have words with Target about their new expensive taste. I don't want to have to start acting like K-Mart is cool just to justify buying from the Jacqueline Smith collection. I do like that wallpaper though... Glad the hot dog was good!


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