29 May 2010

memorial day weekend.

Friends, I'm finally heading out to the Olympic Peninsula for the long weekend -- a little backpacking trip is in my future. I've wanted to go explore the Peninsula since Amos moved out here and I would visit, eons and eons ago. Now I'm getting the chance to traipse around the rain forests and beaches and glaciers. I don't have much attention to blog right now. It's all focused on food, gear, and organizing. This last minute trip is a reminder to me to get off my duff and enjoy the beauty of where I live; too often I get caught up with ideas that travel has to involve a plane, rather than a ferry boat, 4 wheels, and a decent sized pack. And who knows... maybe I'll even get to see Edward or Jacob as I drive through Forks.*

*Can you tell I haven't read the books? I do however know Team Edward v. Team Jacob. I don't live under a rock.


  1. Sounds like a lovely trip, hope you have a great time and enjoy your long weekend to the fullest!!

  2. It does indeed sound like a lovely trip. Have fun but don't let the ticks get you! I love memorial day weekend, it's my birthday, the beginning of summer, end of school, etc., etc. I'm jealous of your trip, there's not too much beauty in hte state of Illinois although there is some. So do take advantage and have tons and tons of fun!

  3. You'll love it out there. It is absolutely gorgeous. Have an awesome and safe trip!

    I'm hoping to get a hike in sometime this weekend, but not sure with all this damn rain...

  4. Fun fun fun! We took my band photos out there around Forks on the ocean. Enjoy your trip - don't you think it's of the most beautiful places on earth?! xo

  5. Anonymous29 May, 2010

    I have no idea who Edward or Jacob are.

    And I hate you for living somewhere that gorgeous. Not really, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't envious enough to kidnap you and take over your dirty white apartment...

    Have fun! :)

  6. Ahh the dreamy Olympic Peninsula -- it is so amazing out there! I get the joys of going for work, but Port Angeles is as far as I go.


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