18 March 2010

jackson what?

I told Amos about the blog. He was uber-supportive, and (I think) excited to see my writing because I tend to only share that stuff with my 'writer friends.' So he saw. He oohed and awwed with convincing enthusiasm. Then...

"Who is Jackson Riley? Is that a person? You should name it Sarah Shean, so people know its you."
"It's just a blog name. I'm not going to name my blog after myself. It's a blog and you come up with a name, it doesn't have to mean anything.
"But what is Jackson Riley?"
"It's not anything, I just came up with it and liked the way it sounded."
"Sounds like a name. Sounds like a guy named Jackson Riley wrote it."
"Ug, you don't get it. Can we go take artsy pictures of me now?"
"What kind of  pictures? When I think of artsy, I just hold the camera at a funny angle."
"Like the back of my head or without my full face so crazies can't find and stalk me."
"Hmm. All the other bloggers show their faces -- what makes you think you'll attract the stalkers?"

Point taken.

I decided to buck up and show the face. But a note to all who may future stalk: I have a full-time job that pays me well enough I could hire a lawyer to put together a very good restraining order. Just saying.

My hair is all sorts of crazy because it was raining (it is March in Seattle). I got the bangs/fringe not that long ago and I'm still very unsure about it.

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  1. A very fitting response from an engineer:) Pen names are key!

    also i think you should write an entry on the state of the phrase "To the max"

    that is all


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