31 March 2010

my future house will include a library. Fact.

It's been a personal goal of mine since I saw Beauty and the Beast. Man, did I love that movie. Loved it. Loved it so much I had the sheet set. My dad bought it for me, and I thought - for that alone, notwithstanding his other wonderful dad qualities - he should win "Best Dad Ever" award.

Actually, let's put a picture of Belle and that library, just because I still have a fond place in my heart for both. Ah, childhood.

...Sorry, I just got distracted looking at that library. I think I may still be obsessed with it, 15 years later.

Continuing... I've always wanted a library in my house. Only now, I've realized that I (probably) won't live in a castle, so I'll need to make the library of my dreams fit a cool, urban place - as I am a cool, urban girl. Or I plan to be when I grow up.

And then I saw this:

Wowza. I love it. I want to build a fire and read every one of those (assumingly) interested books on the shelves. It may not be a castle, but I feel like I could make do.

Belle photos from entertainment weekly (does that seem random to anyone else?). Loft Library pictures from loftlife via ffffound.

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  1. You and Charly should talk. She had Beauty and the Beast sheets too. And curtains, and a lamp.


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