24 March 2010

yesterday was a rough day.

I know we've all had them. I woke up and didn't want to go to work. I didn't want to take a day off. I didn't want to go out in the sunshine or stay inside and watch mindless TV. It was bad. It was a no win situation. It was a long day.

I couldn't figure out what the heck was off. It had something to do with Amos still being out of town, and the fact that he had taken our deodorant. Which he kept referring to as his deodorant. Um? No. I use it, it's in the medicine cabinet that we share, ergo... ours.

Why, you may be thinking why didn't I just go out and buy some of my own? Well, I tried. I ended up at Trader Joe's, which while it may be a mecca for organic and delicious food, it only has the hippie deodorant. I've had friends try that stuff - it doesn't work. So why would I spend $4 on some stick of natural jojoba (or whatever they put in there). I went home without it, and once at home, I paused to contemplate my now disturbing levels of co-dependence. I used to love living by myself. I used to crave alone time. I used to have my own deodorant. Now, especially that I work from home (which is why this whole no-deodorant for several days thing was allowed to be), I realized I liked my roommate. I let my mind wallow in that for awhile instead of going to the non-organic store and getting some non-jojoba, aluminum based, cancer-causing, works like a charm deodorant.

Anyway, I digress, and I've probably scared off a few of the new readers (while Alexis is thinking, "why she did smell funny on Friday, but I thought that was just the aroma of the delightful dive bar we found"). Moving on. It wasn't only the (lack of) Old Spice that was ruining my day. I was disturbed of the political shenanigans this country was engaging in. And by shenanigans, I mean racist, homophobic, and disgusting behavior of both those we elect to office and their constituents. I wrote a whole, eloquent rant on it. I had links to great articles that outlined the new legislation so people could make up their minds about it based on fact and reason, not 30-second sound bytes and deliberate misinformation. It had a deep, dark picture of a girl smoking that would have really disturbed my mother.  In the end, however, I decided I would leave politics to the pundits, and the last thing this world needs is another rant on politics (especially when they could have a rant on other things, such as the WIC, the quality of H&M clothes or loud animals that insist on waking you up at 5AM). I'll let others handle that for me. I deleted it.

I was going to post something else when my keyboard stopped working. It's one of those fancy, schmancy wireless ones who only connects, um, 85% of the time. I had already tried to reset the connection button, I had already replaced the batteries. I reverted to my age-old, time-tested, and all over favorite method: I slammed it down on the desk. Twice. And I broke part of it. Just a small part, a part I could fix with Krazy Glue, if the Krazy Glue hadn't mysteriously hardened beyond repair. I did find wood glue, and - oh, hell, I'm not an engineer, who's to say that glue won't work - I tried it on my plastic keyboard.

For all those who care: wood glue does not fix plastic. Fact.

That's when Amos came in: I was bent over the keyboard with Gorilla Wood Glue, trying to fix (his) keyboard.

"Oh, the connection gave out again? I wondered when you were going to break that."

 "Hi. I missed you. Can I use your deodorant?"

"Here you go. You should probably shower if you haven't used deodorant since I left."

Blank stare in his general direction. "I will tomorrow."

Things were looking up already.

Image from David Black Photography via FFFFound.

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  1. Great blog Sarah! I've enjoyed it quite a bit and am now a new fan of etsy. I have to say that this somewhat nerdy accountant had the same question that Amos did about who is Jackson Riley. I really like that name though and not just because Riley is one letter off from my name. :-)


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